Episode 30

By , 17 December, 2009, 5 Comments

Essential Question

How to recruit to be an international educator?

Links of the Week

Jeff: Innovative Educator,
David: Panda Smith’s Electronic Portfolio, Amanda’s Post on Recruiting, David’s Post on Recruiting

Sign Off

*Next show date is January 27 at 8:00 PM Bangkok time.
*Not sure who the guest will be. Look to add “sospodcast” to your Skype contacts list so that you can call and join in the conversation.
*Essential Question for the show: What blend of blended education works for you?
*Don’t forget to post Web sites/blogs to the SOS Diigo bookmarking site that support our upcoming EQ.

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  • Keith Ferrell

    Great podcast gentlemen! From an international educator’s perspective you covered all the bases.

  • Nancy

    Another informative and thought-provoking podcast. I agree with Jeff about schools needing to actually shift, not just talk about it, by the year 2012. It makes being an educator so interesting!
    Also, I live in Madrid and for the firs 2 years paid 70+ euros a month for ADSL via phone line and had several problems plus the provider (Telefonica) has legendary poor service. I bought a Vodafone USB modem and pay 43 euros a month now. It works as well/better than the previous and now I can also work on my laptop in Starbucks or in Retrio Park on a nice day.

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