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Episode 28

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Jeff and David catch up and plan the season.

Essential Question

From Morocco to Bangkok: How goes it?

Links of the Week

David: Check out the beauty of Morocco
Jeff: Daneah & Jeff are interviewed at Women of the Web 2.0, Blended Learning (from Andy), K-12 Conference

Chat Archive:

7:52 jutecht: Cool new chat features
8:04 mrichme: Hi guys from Arundel, Maine
8:06 jutecht: Hi mrichme…..good to see ya :) Thanks for joining us tonight.
8:06 jutecht: Liking the new ustream chat…good upgrades. 😉
8:06 mrichme: I would agree
8:11 jutecht: This is what I love about overseas living….the amazing cultures you get to be in.
8:13 jutecht: David’s school:
8:18 atorris: hello gents!
8:19 jutecht: Hey @atorris….good to know ustream’s not blocked or the website.
8:20 sarahgrace7: figured out how to login.  Hello from Beijing!
8:20 atorris: VPN my friend. I ma currently in the UK… virtually!
8:20 jutecht: Hi Sarah……thanks for joining us
8:21 jutecht: @atorris…..gotta love the VPN!
8:21 sarahgrace7: definitely love the VPN here in China
8:22 atorris: sarah… sshhh… it’s a secret 😉
8:22 jutecht: Interesting….never thought about the location of the international school have to do with more risk taking staff….there’s some food for thought.
8:22 atorris: inshallah, inshallah
8:23 mrichme: I think that is a very good point.
8:24 jutecht: Our small school in Saudi moved quickly….but a lot of people were more the risk taking type…and of course we had a good admin. 😉
8:25 atorris: Jeff.. that guy in Saudi was nuts.
8:26 jutecht: I know…..crazy guy let me start a handheld program.
8:26 atorris: Our 1:1 IB teachers are struggling with the load of content and managing the need for them to spend valuable classroom time on teaching a few technology skills. Do you see this as an issue??
8:27 atorris: Like I said Jeff… crraaazzzyy! :-0
8:28 atorris: Hi all!!
8:28 atorris: shhhhh… it is a secret!
8:28 atorris: 😉
8:31 atorris: GREAT IDEA!
8:32 atorris: Captive set of kids to build skills with over time!
8:33 jutecht: That’s a great idea…there’s almost a month of school after the IB exams you could do some great tech stuff.
8:34 jutecht: @atorris….you on Skype?
8:34 atorris: Too early to tell at a deep level.  I have always found the kids to be very connected to each other in ways that one would not normally expect.  Common notes are common.
8:34 atorris: Google docs
8:34 atorris: wikis are everywhere!
8:35 atorris: our school is wiki crazy this year.
8:35 jutecht:
8:36 atorris: I have been approached by a stateside school on a collaborative project that is “cutting edge”.  I had to tell the guy we had been doing that kind of stuff for two years running.
8:42 atorris: Ahhh… the dreaded h1n1 effect on PD!
8:44 atorris: Ughh… Edline!
8:44 jutecht: No…..not Edline!
8:45 atorris: i just read a report where a combo of traditional educational delivery AND online coursework delivers higher academic achievement!
8:45 atorris: I will try to find it.
8:48 atorris: Here it is:
8:48 atorris: “Blended instruction”
8:48 jutecht: @atorris yep….blended learning is the future!
8:51 jutecht:
8:52 atorris: Ahhh…. the Thinking Chick!
8:52 atorris: She’s awesome!
8:55 atorris: RFID lockers???? Nice!
8:56 atorris: Give this kid some kudos if you get a chance!
8:57 howhat: we’re looking forward to having Kim at YIS this weekend
8:58 jutecht: She’s excited to come!
8:58 howhat: I’ll see I can find some IB teachers for you all
9:00 atorris: I will try to be available.  This is the first day I have been home in an evening in 3 weeks!
9:00 atorris: 12/2/09 See er… hear you then!
9:00 howhat: it’s great having SOS back, thanks jeff
9:00 atorris: clear as bell here!
9:01 jutecht: That’s good
9:01 jutecht: glad auido was great
9:02 atorris: zaijian!
9:02 jutecht: Later!
9:02 atorris: grrr…….. 22 degree>>????  3 here today!
9:03 jutecht: Thanks everyone!

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*Next show date is December 2 at 8:00 PM Bangkok time.
*Justin Medved will join us. Look to add “sospodcast” to your Skype contacts list so that you can call and join in the conversation.
*Essential Question for the show: How can the IB curriculum be shifted?
*Don’t forget to post Web sites/blogs to the SOS Diigo bookmarking site that support our upcoming EQ.

Shifting Our Schools Episode 24: How Are We Preparing Pre-service Teachers to be Shifted Educators?

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Mark Hofer of the College of William & Mary and Michael Kelly of The Harriet Tubman Free School joined David and Jeff for tonight’s podcast.

Essential Question

How are we preparing pre-service teachers to be shifted educators?

Blog Posts of the Week

David: Clay Burell’s post on teacher prep programs

Michael: Ben Grey’s blog

Jeff: No more Encarta, The University of the People

Mark: iLearn Technology blog

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*Next show date is not set.
*John Mikton will join us.
*Essential Question for the show: How can we help teachers take more risks in their teaching?
*Don’t forget to post Web sites/blogs to the SOS Diigo bookmarking site that support our upcoming EQ.

Shifting Our Schools Episode 23: How to Move Students from Being Dependent to Independent Learners?

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Kim Cofino of the International School Bangkok and Amanda DeCardy of Shanghai American School joined David and Jeff for tonight’s podcast.

Essential Question

How to move students from being dependent to independent learners?

Blog Posts of the Week

David: Lian, a 7th grader’s blog

Amanda & Kim: Armitage’s Army Room 202 Math Video Room 229

Jeff: 21st Century Writing Chemical Paradigms

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*Next show is Thursday Marth 28th. The time is not set.
*EARCOS region teachers will be our guests.
*Essential Question for the show: What are some of your best lesson ideas?
*Don’t forget to post Web sites/blogs to the SOS Diigo bookmarking site that support our upcoming EQ.