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Shifting Our Schools Episode 16: How To Shift When Administrators Are Not Onboard?

By , 13 November, 2008, 3 Comments


John Mikton and Paul McMahon joined Jeff and David for the show.

Essential Question

How to shift when the administrators are not on board?

Some take aways from the discussion:

-You have to start with the admin before you contemplate shifting. They are the power brokers and are connected to the board and the finance. Sometimes they simply don’t understand. How to make time for conversations? It is a sales situation. IT Director on Admin team. Being part of management team helps build relationships to these power brokers.
-The IT Director needs to have an educational background to know.
-Schools hiding behind the IB and AP programs. Safe and often not questioned by many parents. Why would an administrator take a risk on Learning 2.0 instructional techniques?
-How to shift the IB and AP learning outcomes to be project assessed?
-How to retrain our communities about what is learning?
-Get shifted educators at the admin conferences to help educate the leaders.

David’s post, Paul’s and  John’s posts on this EQ.

Blog Posts of the Week

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Sign Off

*Next show is Thursday November 27th at 7 PM Bangkok time.
*Our guests will be Jeff Nugent and Andy Torres
*Essential Question for the show: What prevents administrators from shifting?
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