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Shifting Our Schools episode 12: Your Standards or Mine?

By , 26 May, 2008, 1 Comment


Chris O’Neal, educational leader and consultant, joined David and Jeff for tonight’s show.

Essential Question

Your Standards or Mine?

David> See his blog post.

Jeff> We don’t have standards for paper and pencils so why would we need them for technology? Aren’t we working with teachers to help them reach their subject area standards with the help of technology?

Take away from the discussion> The higher order rich NETS are helping frame the conversation with administrators as they talk about learning in their buildings. What is another name for “standards” when we talk about the NETS as learning outcomes we want integrated across the curriculum.

Blog Posts of the Week

Jeff: See his 3 posts on having standards for technology: 1 2 3
Chris: Bionic Teaching
David: Practical Theory

Sign Off

* Next show is Thursday June 12th at 7 PM Shanghai time.
* Our guest will be Rick Pierce of Rising Sun Consultants, Andy Torris from Shanghai American School and Struan Robinson from International School Bangkok.
* Essential Question for the show: What stalls the shift?
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